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Pockestra started with a short line of wish, “If I could have an orchestra playing for me anytime and anywhere.” Pockestra understands the troubles you go through to find a accompaniment, the frustration of limited opportunities for practice and the vague desire to be with a magnificent orchestra. Now all you have to do is just to take your mobile device out of your pocket, and you are with your own orchestra anywhere you want.

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Rich experiences & strategic

We are a team of sound experts with rich experiences and strategic minds. Find out more about our unique know-how allowing us to create a full range of high quality sound. As far as music is concerned, we control and analyze everything very carefully. All services are categorized according to their characteristics and assigned to the best staff in each field produce contents. Not everyone can translate the core and essence of what you want to express into sounds.

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The experts equipped with a mindset of planners

Our development experts are equipped with a mindset of managers and planners. With our planning capability and stable development system, we have been able to provide highly satisfying results that always surpass customers’ needs. It may be too much for most of the programmers to understand the language of customers and implement exactly as customers want. That’s why planners are sitting next to programmers.

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